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Botsquad bots can be used to power Custom Skills on the Amazon Alexa range of devices.


To hook your Botsquad bot to an Alexa skill, you need to do the following things in the Alexa developer console:

  1. Go to Build → Endpoint, select HTTPS as Service Endpoint Type, and set the endpoint URL for the default region to the value that can be seen on the "Alexa settings" page in Botsquad. The URL looks like this:

  2. Go to Build → Interaction Model → JSON Editor, paste the JSON code for the interaction model as can be found on the studio's Alexa settings page.

  3. Go to Invocation and change the default skill invocation.

  4. Click Save Model, and, after the saving is done, Build Model. Wait a bit while Alexa is training the interaction model.

  5. When the training is done, go to Test in the main menu and start interacting with your bot!