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Chat Widget

The chat widget presents a Botsquad bot as a regular chat widget on your website. Initially it shows as a small bubble, but when clicked a chat window pops out.


In the studio, the following aspects of the widget can be customized:

  • main color
  • widget button image
  • widget size
  • show conversations y/n


Nudges are small conversation starters: chat bubbles and UI elements that are triggered by conditions, like the visitor browsing to a certain web page:

widget.yml properties

It is possible to add a YML file called widget to the bot. The properties from this file will be used to render the texts on the start screen of the widget.

  image_url: ""
  title: "Hello 👋"
  subtitle: "Welcome to MyBot!"
  conversation_cta: "Talk to us"
  team_message: "We are ready for your questions"
  text: "Powered by MyBot"
  url: ""

When configured like this, the home widget will look like the following: