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Chat Message Specification

Over the Websocket and through the Chat REST API, various types of messages are sent. Each of these messages corresponds to a certain media type, e.g. a text utterance, a break, a typing indicator, an image, et cetera.

Common message fields

Each chat message has the following fields:

Parameter Type Description
type string The type of message. See "message types" below.
payload anything The type-specific payload of this message. See "message types" below.
delay integer or "infinity" The delay (in milliseconds) that should be added after displaying the current message. When "infinity", it should not display subsequent messages.
time string ISO timestamp of the time this message was created
as object When this message was created as if it was sent by another identity, this object is filled with information about that identity.

Message types

type: "text"

Shows a text message that is sent from the bot to the user. The payload consists of a {"message": "the actual message"} object. The text can contain Markdown markup tags; before being displayed, the Markdown should be converted into HTML or stripped from the text when HTML is not applicable.

type: "typing"

Instruction to show or hide the typing indicator for the bot. The payload will be a boolean which is either true to show the typing indicator, or false to hide it.

type: "location"

Shows a location marker. The payload will be a JSON object with a lat and a lon field to show the actual coordinate of the location marker.

type: "media"

Shows a media item. The payload will be a JSON object with a url to the URL of the media item, and a kind field that is either audio, video, image or file.

type: "emit"

Indicates that an event has been emitted to the client, using Bubblescript's emit statement. The payload object will contain a event string with the name of the event, and (again) a payload field with the payload that was sent with the event.